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Ten miles north of Montgomery, Wetumpka offers small town living with big city access. Home to antique and craft shops as well as events such as the Coosa River Whitewater Festival, Christmas on the Coosa. Wetumpka was also featured in the big screen filming of the movie "Big Fish",.

Abundant with outdoor activities such as Mountain Biking on the Swaybaack Tril, kayaking down the Coosa River or enjoying a bit of fishing or skiing on Lake Jordan (pronounced Jurdan).

Wetumpka also plays host to several other special events throughout the year such as Christmas on the Coosa in December, and the Coosa River Challenge Adventure Race held every 1st Saturday in October.

bigg graves bridge

'Bibb Graves Bridge'

Wetumpka's beautiful focal point is one of only two suspended concrete reinforced bridges in the state of Alabama. It is the fourth bridge to span the Coosa at Wetumpka, the fate of the first was unknown, the second was a covered bridge that was washed away in the "Great Flood of 1866", and the third was an iron bridge that was replaced by the current one in 1931. To read the complete story see the History of Wetumpka's Bridges

Fort Toulouse ParkFort Toulouse Historic Park
Experience living history exhibits focusing on the French Colonial Marines of 1756 as well as the Tennessee Militia of 1814. Experience the annual Alabama Frontier Days extravaganza with live battle reenactments, authentic cuisine of the 1800s, and hand-made Native American crafts.

wetumpka impact crater

Wetumpka's Impact Crater

The phrase Stars fell on Alabama' refers to a meteor shower seen across Alabama on November 12-13, 1833, but Wetumpka had its own cosmic event over 80 million years ago known as an Astrobleme or "star-wound". The impact of a meteorite around 1,100 feet in diameter traveling at nearly 20 miles per second causing winds in excess of 500 miles per hour, left a crater about 4 miles wide adjacent to where Wetumpka is now located. [ more details ]

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