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About this site

No funding is received to operate this site nor do I have any affiliation with any of the city governments or councils. The site serves as an information resource for residents and visitors of the River Region in Central Alabama. I've tried to provide comprehensive information on education, things to do, where to eat, where to stay.


Also thrown in some history to let visitors know a bit about the area's past.

I've tried to make the site a bit different (and hopefully better) than the run of the mill city information site.

I have no loyalties to any certain websites in the area and as such try to provide un-biased links to other sites to give you the visitor the best possible choices for information. I hope to provide information that will appeal to the majority of visitors and limit that information that would only be of interest to a select few.


I hope you find the site useful and please feel free to give any feedback that you think could be of use to others. I give serious consideration to any feedback and have actually incorporated ideas provided and will continue to do so.

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